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Slowdown is of three types: Local - only the injection site is affected. Systemic - other areas are affected. Combined - both the injection site and other parts of the body are affected. Usually, an allergy is expressed only in a change in the skin, but stronger and more dangerous consequences are possible, such as anaphylactic shock.

In a small group of people, taking the medication provokes a generalized reaction, characterized by such unpleasant symptoms as: Slight increase in temperature. Weakness. Fatigue. Indigestion. Joint pain. Spasm of the bronchi. Enlarged lymph nodes. In rare cases, serious reactions such as: Very high temperature. Necrosis of subcutaneous tissues. Edema of lung tissue.

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Also, the medication can cause anaphylactic shock and angioedema - an increase in the limb, part and or all of the face.

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They are the most dangerous and pose a real threat to life and health, and their neutralization requires highly qualified and fast medical assistance. Restrictions are not a taboo, but a rational approach to nutrition.

Practitioners argue that the use of cialis drugs will not be required in every third case, if a person does not overeat, limit the excess intake of easily digestible carbohydrates and fats into the body.

Balancing your diet does not mean giving up your favorite foods, often they just need to be cooked differently. For example, lean poultry meat or boiled fish (100-150 grams) can be eaten daily. Buckwheat, oatmeal, in smaller quantities rice, millet and pearl barley can be a side dish for them. You should also minimize the use of semolina, legumes and pasta made from white flour (soft wheat).

The patient's diet may include about 200 g of tadalafil black or diabetic bread, and it is desirable to limit baking and white bread. For the preparation of classic soups and puree soups, it is best to use vegetables, weak fish or meat broths should not appear on the table no more than twice a week.

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Almost all greens and vegetables can be eaten in any quantity raw, baked or boiled, the restrictions apply only to potatoes, carrots and beets, the daily intake of cialis which is 200 grams. Approximately the same: 200-300 g can be eaten sweet and sour varieties of fruits and berries. The exceptions are bananas, raisins, grapes. Pharmacies once again want to cash in on diabetics.


Up to 200 g of cottage cheese per day is recommended to be consumed daily, yogurt or kefir can be drunk 1-2 glasses a day.

Herbal teas, rose hips, juices from berries or fruits, as well as green tea or weak coffee (you can use milk) are also allowed. Contraindications - taking care of your health.

Along with the fact that the table of diabetics can be rich, tasty and varied, there are dishes that are forbidden to eat. This applies to foods that contain both a lot of fat and carbohydrates. Cooking fats and margarines, bacon or lamb fat fall into this category, regardless of whether they are part of sweet or puff pastry or fried foods: meat, fish, vegetables.

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